Queues, With X-Ray Vision.

Supercharge your queues with a beautiful dashboard and code-driven configuration.

A match made in heaven.

Horizon is developed by the core developers of the Laravel framework and provides a robust queue monitoring solution for Laravel's Redis queue. Horizon allows you to easily monitor key metrics of your queue system such as job throughput, runtime, and job failures.

Open Source

Horizon is 100% open source, so you're free to dig through the source to see exactly how it works. See something that needs to be improved? Just send us a pull request on GitHub.

I built Horizon to scratch my own itch. I need deep insight into my queue throughput, performance, wait times, failures. And, when a customer has a problem, Horizon allows me to quickly find the job that failed.

Taylor Otwell - Creator of Laravel

Here's a peek at some of the features.


Horizon can intelligently balance your workers across your queues. If one queue is busy and another has workers to spare, Horizon will move workers to where they are needed most.

Code Driven Configuration

All of your worker configuration is stored in a single, simple configuration file, allowing your configuration to stay in source control where your entire team can collaborate.


Horizon provides beautiful charts showing you the throughput and runtime for your queues and jobs, so you can quickly see when performance is suffering.


Tag your jobs and monitor them via a simple dashboard. One customer having issues? Monitor all of their jobs to get deeper insight into their application usage.

Failed Job Management

View and retry all of your failed jobs from the Horizon dashboard. You may even search for jobs that failed for a specific user of your application.


Horizon can notify you when one of your queues is becoming over-loaded with jobs, allowing you to quickly increase queue capacity and keep your application running smoothly.

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